Your Home-Buying Team

Buying a home successfully requires a team of professionals – all of whom can make the transaction as easy as possible…or not so much. I will help you form your Buying Success Team early on, loaded with professionals who aren’t too busy for your business, have a thorough attention to detail, and work proactively on your behalf. Here are the key professionals you and I will work to get on board:


Getting pre-approved with a lender is one of the most important steps you can take to make yourself ready to buy and to understand your homebuying budget. It also signals to the seller that you are a serious buyer. Besides the real estate agent and you, the lender is the most critical member of Buying Success Team as the lender can truly make or break the deal. But don’t worry! I have some great local lenders and companies who have a great reputation for getting the job done. 


Although the appraisal company will be hired by the lender, doing a great job of choosing your lender is a good indicator of the strength of the appraiser in terms of getting the appraisal done in a timely manner. I will also be providing the appraiser with market information he or she may need to accurately determine value.  


Choosing a thorough home inspector goes a long way to providing peace of mind. A good inspector will provide you with a written report with photos and may take upwards of 2-3 hours to inspect a 2,000 square foot house. Depending on the property you are purchasing, you may require other inspections such as septic, soil testing, sewer or others. We will talk about what you may need and I have several inspectors I would be happy to refer you to.  


Escrow makes sure that all the documentation is correct, timelines are met, and all the details are adhered to in the transaction. They will also make sure all parties sign the correct forms and that all monies are distributed correctly.  This may be selected by either the buyer or the seller and may be negotiated. 


Title will review the property history, verify legal description matches what is being sold, make sure the seller has the right to sell the property, identify other possible lienholders, identify easements, codes, covenants and restrictions, and more.

My goal is to make sure we have all our bases covered well before we have to, so let’s get started forming your Buying Success Team.