Touring Homes

There are those buyers who feel you can really get a good idea of what a property is like by looking at photos online, but in my opinion, there is nothing like walking through the front door of a home and knowing it is “the one.”  

Here is what you can expect during your search: 

Live Home Search

Many of our homebuyers find it helpful to keep a summary of the homes viewed.  You may choose to keep notes in a notebook including flyers and information from the MLS. Or you might choose to keep an electronic file on your computer with links. There is no right or wrong way – just your way! 

Searching for Homes Online

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 95% of homebuyers search for homes online. 

When a house is listed for sale by any area broker, the information on the home is inserted into the multiple listing service including: lot size; the age and type of home (condo, townhouse, single family), material (brick, stone, wood), the number, size, and use of rooms. Also included are special features (such as fireplace, walkout, deck, patio, wooded lot), appliances included (such as oven or dishwasher), the heating and/or cooling systems, property taxes, and, finally, the price.

Of course, the photos are going to be the highlight of what you are looking at and may ultimately decide which homes you desire to see in person. If you see something you like online, send it my way and we can take a look!  

New Listings

Depending on your parameters, new listings may come on the market every day! My goal is to get these listings in your hands (or on your phone) as soon as possible. However, you may prefer that I only send you listings that I have first vetted. Either way is fine with me as this process is about what works best for you.