Building A Home

Thinking about building a home? There are certainly benefits to doing so. You get exactly what you want, where you want it, and everything is new! I would be happy to go along with you on your homebuilding journey. Although there are many ways in which a new home can become yours, here are the three we most typically see (and I can help you with all three!).

New Construction Development

Builders often buy parcels of land which allow them to concentrate their project and build a new neighborhood. In a development, the builder will determine what type of home can be built on each lot, how the buy/build process works, and what items can be customized by the buyer and when.

New Construction on Lot

Builders may also purchase a lot in an existing neighborhood and build a new home there. Again, the builder will do the work to determine the house plan that will work best for the property. However, depending on when the buyer gets involved, there may be things that can be adjusted to best fit your needs.

New Construction on Your Lot…On Your Terms!

If you want to direct the whole process, I can’t wait to see the final product! We will need to find the lot and the right builder. I have local connections that can pave the way for your new home! 

No matter what your preferred way of getting the new home of your dreams, I can help!